The best way to Improve the ASUS Eee 2G Surf

The best way to Improve the ASUS Eee 2G Surf

one An SD card promptly expands your 2G Surf’s storage capability.

Upgrade the hard-disk room. The 2G Surf comes with only two GB of hard-disk storage area, the majority of that is occupied by the operating technique and its included software package, this kind of as OpenOffice, Skype and Firefox. The hard drive is surely an SDD flash drive which is immediately soldered onto the motherboard, and cannot be conveniently upgraded internally. However a lot of 2G owners get artistic with on the internet file-storage options, another possibility is to order an SD card with as significantly storage room while you can afford. As of October 2010, you may acquire SD cards cheaply with two GB, four GB, eight GB, 16 GB and even 32 GB of storage area, all of which might be applied to shop programs, paperwork, photographs along with other types of files. Decide just how much storage space you anticipate needing, then purchase an SD card and push it right to the SD reader over the side from the 2G Surf. The working program will immediately detect the SD card and treat it as being a second tough drive.

two Install a USB hub. The 2G Surf comes with only 3 USB ports: one on the left edge from the machine, and two over the correct. These could be swiftly occupied by simple peripherals such as being a keyboard, mouse, flash drive and printer. If you’d like to include every other extras to the personal computer past the three current ports, you will need to include a USB hub to improve the amount of obtainable ports. Probably the most simple of these will include as much as five further USB ports. The hubs are available in pretty little packages, which you are able to safely tuck in to the 2G’s carrying case.

3 An external DVD player or CD-ROM drive lets you to quickly install applications in your 2G Surf.

Connect an external optical drive. The Eee 2G and 4G Surf netbooks are compact in dimension. Element of its compact dimension is accomplished by sacrificing an optical drive. The netbook isn’t going to feature a CD-ROM or DVD drive, which can seriously restrict the plans it is possible to set up in your machine. Xandros, the native OS on the 2G, simply recognizes most optical drives on the plug-and-play basis. Just plugging an optical drive into a totally free USB port will drastically increase the abilities and horizons on the 2G by enabling you to put in any program on CD-ROM. If it really is a CD-R or DVD-R drive, it’ll also enable you to generate backups. Most external optical drives are small, lightweight and made for portability, so they will be transported safely in padded laptop carriers together with your 2G netbook.