The best way to Optimize an ASUS EEE Pc

The best way to Optimize an ASUS EEE Pc

1 Alter the touchpad settings till they are just proper as this will make or break your Asus EEE Computer encounter, unless you choose a mouse. Enable “Circular Scrolling” to produce navigation easier.

two Stay away from software upgrades you really do not want even though they are listed under the “Add Software” part. Room is valuable on the Asus EEE Computer and most upgrades, except the BIOS, are unneeded nevertheless consider up substantial area. The maxim, “don’t repair what isn’t broke,” performs properly right here.

3 Set up an iGoogle webpage in mere minutes to optimize your productivity. Add devices such as e-mail, weather, news, eBay, YouTube videos, games and more having a click in the mouse. For greatest benefits on iGoogle utilize the “Add Tab” attribute when you are incorporating quite a few goods or memory intensive ones such as video. The consequence is usually a homepage well-suited for the Asus EEE Computer screen, permitting you speedy accessibility to your most utilised Online functions.

4 Download the totally free TweakEEE program to allow you to try and do anything from add a Window’s XP style menu to turning the PgUp essential right into a SHIFT critical, which is the pure spot for it. A lot of extra Asus EEE Computer functions can be found with TweakEEE that new-to-Linux owners will specifically appreciate. Note, having said that, the plan isn’t guaranteed.

5 Learn keyboard shortcuts to generate pages easier to study and navigate. Use F11 in your world wide web browser to maximize its dimension and CTRL + or – to alter text size, for instance. Some keyboard shortcuts are listed within the Asus EEE Computer manual and other people are shown inside person plan menus.

6 Download plug-ins for Firefox intended for compact computer systems and easier navigation. Some names to look for contain: “Grab and Drag” along with the theme “Little Fox.”

seven Improve the memory to one GB for optimum net searching and total knowledge about the Asus EEE Computer. For about $25 this is actually the very best investment you can make over the Asus 701 or 2GB model. Novices can complete this in below a minute (see Resources) but upgrading to two GB demands added programming on some Asus EEE designs.