Ways to Install ASUS Motherboards

Ways to Install ASUS Motherboards

one The CPU ought to be the first thing that’s put in into the motherboard. If there is a clip for your processor, open it and remove the plastic spot holder. Align the processor effectively and close the clip to secure the processor in spot.

two Lots of processors are accompanied by a cooing device, this kind of as heat sinks or fans. In case the cooling gadget includes a back plate, stick it towards the back in the motherboard.

three So as to have suitable cooling, it truly is advised to utilize thermal paste. Put an quantity smaller sized than a pea right onto the processor, then either clip or screw the cooling device into spot.

one The ASUS motherboard need to feature tiny hexagonal pegs. Screw these in to the acceptable locations during the situation. Although these spots are labeled in the case, it may be necessary to location the motherboard in the case to be certain.

2 Place the motherboard into the case onto the pegs. Align the screw holes to match the pegs beneath the board.

3 Making use of the screws that came with all the motherboard, screw the board into place. Be sure to tighten just sufficient. If the screws are overtightened, the board might crack.

1 Each of the components in the computer should be connected into the motherboard. Begin with the electrical power provide cords. Make sure to connect the 24-pin Energy connector at the same time as processor energy connectors if applicable.

2 Connect the SATA cords for the tough drive(s) together with other disc drives (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Burners). Make sure to study the manual to connect the principle difficult drive in to the “Master” slot. Connect another drives in to the proper slots from the motherboard

three Connect the situation wires. The wires need to be linked with the letter dealing with the prime from the situation. Utilize the manual to search out the suitable spot for each case.

four Set up the PCI cards in to the corresponding slots. This will likely demand the elimination from the metal area holders over the case for most laptop scenarios.

five Install the RAM in to the slots. Confirm using the manual to check out should the RAM demands to be put in into unique slots.