Ways to Stop an Asus 24 Inch Monitor from Flickering

Ways to Stop an Asus 24 Inch Monitor from Flickering

1 Reconnect video signal cables both on the monitor end plus the pc end. Also verify the cable for just about any breaks or kinks that could be interrupting the video signal reaching the check.

two Check to get certain that you’ll find not any units that may be resulting in electrical or radio frequency interference near the check. Interference of this nature may cause anything termed “hum bars” that are horizontal distortions that run up and down the keep track of. These can normally be eradicated by plugging the monitor into a surge protector or battery backup.

3 Force an update from the monitor’s Windows driver by getting into the Device Manager by the Technique user interface. Underneath the monitor heading, you’ll want to see a “PnP Monitor” item. Proper click on that and choose “Update Driver.” Click “Next” till you hit the end of the update wizard. Updating the driver can give more resolution solutions from the Display Settings, letting you set the show on the optimal resolution.

4 Go in to the Windows show settings and ensure the resolution is set towards the optimal settings for your check. For an ASUS 24-inch keep track of this really is 1920 by 1200, and demands a 60Hz refresh fee. Alter these settings inside the superior adapter settings in Windows, under the Keep track of tab.