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The best way to Uninstall an Asus Enhanced Show Driver

The best way to Uninstall an Asus Enhanced Show Driver

one Click the “Start” button and decide on “Control Panel.”

2 Decide on “System” and choose “Hardware.” Click on “Device Manager.” This loads a window with each of the hardware presently put in over the laptop.

three Scroll as a result of the record of hardware set up until you come across “Enhanced Display” listed.

four Right-click the driver display and select “Delete” in the pull-down window. Click “Yes” when asked for anyone who is sure you wish to eliminate the driver.

Ways to Install ASUS Motherboards

Ways to Install ASUS Motherboards

one The CPU ought to be the first thing that’s put in into the motherboard. If there is a clip for your processor, open it and remove the plastic spot holder. Align the processor effectively and close the clip to secure the processor in spot.

two Lots of processors are accompanied by a cooing device, this kind of as heat sinks or fans. In case the cooling gadget includes a back plate, stick it towards the back in the motherboard.

three So as to have suitable cooling, it truly is advised to utilize thermal paste. Put an quantity smaller sized than a pea right onto the processor, then either clip or screw the cooling device into spot.

one The ASUS motherboard need to feature tiny hexagonal pegs. Screw these in to the acceptable locations during the situation. Although these spots are labeled in the case, it may be necessary to location the motherboard in the case to be certain.

2 Place the motherboard into the case onto the pegs. Align the screw holes to match the pegs beneath the board.

3 Making use of the screws that came with all the motherboard, screw the board into place. Be sure to tighten just sufficient. If the screws are overtightened, the board might crack.

1 Each of the components in the computer should be connected into the motherboard. Begin with the electrical power provide cords. Make sure to connect the 24-pin Energy connector at the same time as processor energy connectors if applicable.

2 Connect the SATA cords for the tough drive(s) together with other disc drives (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Burners). Make sure to study the manual to connect the principle difficult drive in to the “Master” slot. Connect another drives in to the proper slots from the motherboard

three Connect the situation wires. The wires need to be linked with the letter dealing with the prime from the situation. Utilize the manual to search out the suitable spot for each case.

four Set up the PCI cards in to the corresponding slots. This will likely demand the elimination from the metal area holders over the case for most laptop scenarios.

five Install the RAM in to the slots. Confirm using the manual to check out should the RAM demands to be put in into unique slots.

How you can Test the Memory on an ASUS Laptop

How you can Test the Memory on an ASUS Laptop

one Click the “Start” button.

2 Click “Control Panel.”

three Open “System and Security” by clicking on it.

4 Click “View sum of RAM and processor speed” underneath the “System” segment. Have a look at the quantity beside “Installed memory (RAM).” That may be the memory installed over the ASUS laptop.

Tips on how to Make use of the ASUS Recovery CD

Tips on how to Make use of the ASUS Recovery CD

one Erase corrupt plans in advance of trying to reinstall them through the Asus recovery CD Determine which Asus applications or elements are certainly not functioning correctly and demand the Asus recovery CD. This contains all drivers, operating techniques, wireless World-wide-web utilities and also other plans that interface using the Asus computer system hardware. If probable, entirely uninstall all corrupted software from your Asus personal computer to guarantee an effective fix.

two Insert the Asus recovery CD to start reinstallation.

Restart the Asus laptop or computer with corrupted program. Just before reboot, insert the Asus recovery CD-ROM into the CD drive. Allow the laptop or computer to restart and open BIOS by pressing F9. Decide on the CD drive exactly where the recovery CD-ROM is found and restart your laptop to ensure that it boots from the disk drive instead of the hard drive. Your pc will then load the “recovery partition” of one’s difficult drive and prompt you, asking what restore functions must be completed. Start browsing the record of Asus recovery tools to pick from from the CD-ROM’s principal menu.

three Repairing pc applications is easy together with the Asus recovery CD.

Decide on the preferred Asus program or utility to install from the recovery CD dialogue menu and click the button labeled “install.” Accept the end-user agreement and click “next,” the Asus recovery CD should really then begin to install the sought after programs onto the pc. A computer system reboot may well be necessary to finalized just about every installation.

How to get to BIOS Screens in Asus Eee Pc 1201 HAs

How to get to BIOS Screens in Asus Eee Pc 1201 HAs

1 Flip on or restart your laptop.

2 Press “F2” to show the Publish screen. This is actually the initially screen you see when you flip the laptop on; it demonstrates lists of technical data, in white, against a black background.

three Press “F2” once more to entry the BIOS.

4 Make any needed changes. Press “F10” to conserve your new settings and exit.

How you can Utilize the ASUS Eee Pc Touch Pad

How you can Utilize the ASUS Eee Pc Touch Pad

one Move a single finger about the touchpad to move the position of the mouse pointer about the screen.

2 Press the left touchpad button to complete a left-click operation. Press the right touchpad button to open a right-click menu.

three Move two fingertips apart within the touchpad to zoom in on the document or Net webpage.

four Move two fingertips collectively within the touchpad to zoom out on the Internet page or document.

Tips on how to Update ASUS BIOS

Tips on how to Update ASUS BIOS

1 Insert bootable floppy disk or USB drive.

two Copy the updated BIOS file to floppy disk or USB drive.
(Note: BIOS file and boot files
really should fit on a floppy disk. If your BIOS file is also substantial to match with boot files, contemplate using the EZ Flash process described beneath.)

3 Insert the motherboard help CD into optical drive.

four Copy AFUDOS.EXE from CD to a floppy disk or USB drive.

five Reboot.

six Once the DOS prompt appears, type the following: afudos /i[name of BIOS file]For illustration, “p4c800b.rom” could be the identify from the new BIOS file. “afudos
is definitely the command that will set up it.

7 Wait. Your monitor will show the update’s progress which has a series of messages: “Reading file,” then “Erasing flash,” then “Writing flash.” The “writing flash” message are going to be followed having a percentage counter that tells you how far the write has proceeded. The last message is going to be
“Verifying flash.”
Usually do not switch off or reboot at any level on this process otherwise you will damage your motherboard.

eight Just after the update is comprehensive, the utility will return to your DOS prompt. Clear away your floppy disk and reboot.

9 Enter the BIOS Menu and load “Setup Default.”

ten Save and reboot. You happen to be finished.

1 Copy your new BIOS files to a floppy disk or USB drive.

2 Reboot. Once the program is at Post, press “Alt” + “F2” to enter EZ-Flash. Alternatively, on late model motherboards you could press “Delete” to enter BIOS setup, then access EZ-Flash through the “Tools” solution to the navigation bar. (Select Tools > ASUS EZ Flash 2 > YES)

3 Wait for your procedure to test existing BIOS information and facts.

4 Insert your floppy or USB together with the new BIOS file.

five Decide on the drive letter using the BIOS update file, then choose the file.

6 Watch for your technique to check the update file.

7 After the file test is finished, click “Yes” to update your BIOS.

8 Wait. Allow the update method run right up until it finishes. Will not switch off or reboot or you will ruin your motherboard.

9 When the update is completed, take out the floppy or USB drive and reboot.

10 Enter the BIOS Menu and load “Setup Default.”

eleven Reboot. You are completed.

one If it isn’t put in by now, install the ASUS Update utility. It is possible to either download it or use the copy in your motherboard’s support CD.

2 Close all Windows applications if any are working.

three Launch the ASUS Update utility from your Windows desktop by clicking “Start>Programs>ASUS>ASUSUpdate>ASUSUpdate.” The “ASUS Update” key window will then seem.

four Select “Update BIOS” from your “Internet option” drop-down menu. Click “Next.”

5 Choose the ASUS FTP internet site nearest you, or select “Auto Select.” Click “Next.”

6 From your FTP site, decide on the BIOS edition which you want to download. Click “Next.”

seven Get started the update. Watch for it to complete.

Tips on how to Reformat an Asus Eee

Tips on how to Reformat an Asus Eee

1 Plug the USB drive to the Eee Computer.

2 Save any crucial files, which include documents and photos, to the USB drive by dragging the files to the drive’s folder.

3 Eject the drive and flip the Eee Pc off.

four Turn the Eee Pc back on.

5 Press the “F9” vital when the splash logo appears within the startup screen. A menu will seem.

6 Decide on “Restore Factory Settings” while in the menu by utilizing the “Tab” or arrow keys.

7 Press “Enter” when “Restore Factory Settings” is highlighted. Your Eee Pc will then reformat itself to its authentic factory settings.

How you can Enable Wi-Fi for an Asus Netbook

How you can Enable Wi-Fi for an Asus Netbook

1 Electrical power in your ASUS netbook.

2 Press and hold down the important thing marked “Fn.”

3 Press the “F” critical with the wireless antenna icon on it to allow Wi-Fi. On most ASUS versions, this is actually the “F2” critical.