Upgrade Memory in an Asus Eee PC

Invest in the proper memory. Look for common, DDR2 laptop memory modules (not desktop memory), that will have 200-pin edge connectors. Pick either a 1GB or 2GB DDR2 memory module of both 533 or 667MHz speeds. These could be referenced as PC-4200 or PC-5300, respectively. Advised manufacturers include, but aren’t limited to, Kingston, Corsair, Patriot, and Viking.

Electrical power off your Eee Pc if it really is on. Also, unplug the AC power adapter.

Put together your Eee Computer by placing it upside-down on the flat surface with some type of padding. Continue to keep the front of your laptop dealing with you. The Eee Pc will need to have to rest on its major cover to replace the memory, so use a non-abrasive surface. For instance, an over-sized mouse pad in your desk, a considerable piece of foam, or possibly a clean, carpeted floor will function. Be certain to ground by yourself or some surfaces could bring about static to short a element.
4Remove the battery.
This may prevent you from accidentally shorting anything about the process board all through this approach. To get rid of the battery:

Use your left thumb to press and hold the left-most battery lock switch towards the unlock position.
Use your
ideal hand to click above the right-most battery lock switch to your unlock place.
Use your
ideal hand to gently push the battery far from the laptop. Push just a little at a time, alternating on every single side. Newer Eee PCs and batteries could be just a little tight to start with.
5Open the memory cover
on the back of your Eee Pc.

If it exists, remove the Eee Pc sticker covering a single screw.
Completely loosen both screws using a Phillips #0 jeweler’s screwdriver.
Eliminate the screws with your fingers and set them aside.
Use your finger and/or fingernail to pull up
with the front in the cover. There need to be a smaller slot here within the case to give you space to pry it open.
Maintain pulling right up until the cover clicks open, then set it aside for now.
6Remove the
current module. This needs to be towards the front with the laptop, with empty space in the direction of the back. It is actually held in with two metal clips on every side.

Use the two of your thumbnails on the similar time to press outward on the clips. The module will have a mild spring-loaded feeling to it. Once the clips happen to be entirely depressed on each sides, the module will push itself up at an angle.
Once the module is absolutely free of your clips, gently grasp the edge of it and pull out along the identical angle through which it truly is resting. This is certainly approximately a 15 to 25 degree angle on the laptop.
Put the module aside, inside a protected, static-free spot.
the new module from its packaging. Most memory will likely be sold in the piece of tricky, clear plastic. Gently clear away it from your packaging by pressing on it from your plastic side. Steer clear of bending the module or applying too much force for the packaging.
the brand new module. Use your removal method like a guidebook in reverse for this installation.

With the similar angle as ahead of, insert the brand new memory module into the laptop’s memory slot. Be certain it fits each of the way down right up until the contacts are either no longer visible, or hard to see. This needs nearly no force, so be gentle.
Press down
on the module to align it to ensure that it is actually parallel together with the laptop. The memory slot clips will click shut once the module is absolutely seated.
9Verify the memory is
acknowledged by your Eee Pc. Ahead of closing up the memory cover, it truly is handy to verify the memory is acknowledged by your laptop and its working program.

Gently re-insert the battery
above the laptop and energy it on.
With Xandros – the default Linux distribution – click
on the “Settings” tab.
Click on “System info” and
verify “Memory size” reports “1024 MB” (1GB).
For 2GB modules, click on “Diagnostic Tools”
alternatively and verify “* RAM Size” reports “2048 MB” (2GB).
10Replace the memory cover by snapping it into
area and reinserting the screws. If you have installed 2GB of RAM into an Eee Computer working the default Xandros Linux operating program, now would be the time to rebuild the kernel. This may get it to recognize the full 2GB of system memory.
11Get your Xandros
operating program to employ 2GB of memory. Carry on with the “Install a whole new Kernel” section beneath for guidelines.