How you can Upgrade an Asus 701 SSD

How you can Upgrade an Asus 701 SSD

one Flip the netbook more than and set it down in order that the base of the netbook is oriented upward and dealing with you along with the battery panel and back in the netbook is oriented far from you.

two Press the tabs on both side of your battery (positioned on the base on the netbook toward the back) to release the battery. Remove the battery from your netbook.

3 Clear away the two screws in the large cover plate while in the middle of your netbook base. Take out the cover in the netbook.

four Clear away the screw closest towards the memory modules that secures the drive bracket that is certainly connected to the SSD drive. Press down to the SSD drive and slide the drive to your proper then take out the SSD drive through the netbook.

five Loosen and get rid of the 4 screws that secure the drive bracket to the SSD drive.

6 Eliminate the bracket in the drive. Location the bracket on the substitute SSD drive oriented the exact same way since the authentic drive. Position and tighten the 4 drive bracket screws to secure the drive bracket onto the drive.

seven Spot the drive with all the drive bracket attached back to the drive bay from the base on the netbook. Slide the drive to your left so that the drive connectors plug in to the netbook. Place and tighten the screw that secures the drive bracket to your netbook. Spot the drive cover back around the netbook and position then tighten the cover in place with screws.

eight Spot the netbook battery back in to the netbook battery slot right up until it snaps into place. Confirm that the battery is secured.