Ways to Recognize an ASUS Motherboard

Ways to Recognize an ASUS Motherboard

one Try to locate the motherboard’s FCC variety. It’ll have “FCC” about the motherboard and also to the ideal of it may or might not state the Grantee or Tools Code. After you find the FCC number, head to the FCC site and finish the search kind with the Grantee or Gear Code (see website link in Sources). After that info is finished, it’ll indicate through the search in case your board is an ASUS.

2 Find the motherboard’s model number should you couldn’t discover the FCC number or your search was inconclusive. It will likely be located between the white PCI slots. Run the model number, including M2N-VM or A8N32-SLI Deluxe, with the asus.com web site to determine if it matches the ASUS motherboard designs (see website link in Resources).

three Access the BIOS via either the F1, F2, Del critical, F10 or F11. To locate out which essential it is, watch the screen whilst your pc is booting to check out what keystroke will get you into the BIOS. Look into the Standard information and facts tab to discover the motherboard’s model and BIOS revision.

4 Get in touch with the product’s original producer for those who couldn’t establish the motherboard’s make by its BIOS information and facts. All suppliers could have information about all their pc elements out there for disclosure.